Comparison Of Love Poems: "The Telephone" and "Marianna" from Touched with Fire

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In the poems 'The Telephone' by Robert Frost and 'Mariana' by Lord Alfred Tennyson, there are a large variety of methods and effects. These methods and effects will be compared. Such effects include; repetition through stanza's, rhyme scheme's, and the choice of words by the poet to add to the feeling and pace of the poem.

In the poem 'Mariana' the author, Lord Alfred Tennyson, uses repetition of the phrase "I am aweary aweary, I would that I were dead!" He uses the repetition of this phrase to show how boring and repetitive her life is, every day being the same living in a grange. He uses the phrase itself to show how sad and depressed she is. She sees no hope or meaning in her life, so wishes that she could die. Where Tennyson uses a lot of repetition, Frost uses no repetition. He chooses not to use repetition to show how different and wonderful every day of life is when he is married to his wife.

This is a large contrast to 'Mariana' as the couple in 'The Telephone' are happily married and we see the closeness of their relationship many times in the poem, where as in 'Mariana' she has been rejected and forced to a life of labor on a 'lonely moated grange'.

The rhyme scheme in the telephone is irregular. The poem is written in free verse so is not as structured and laid out as a Blank verse poem would be. Although it is irregular because of the speech and thoughts in the poem, Frost still uses some rhyme to make the poem flow and to add a smoothness to it. This style is very different to that of the poem by Tennyson. The rhyme scheme in 'Mariana' is in the form...