Comparison of Lucy in "I Am Sam" to Elie Wiesel of "Night".

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Love's Battle

Throughout life, there are many struggles we must all face. In order to overcome these struggles, one must oftentimes depend on strong family bonds. In "I Am Sam", a mentally handicapped man, Sam Dawson, has a girl, Lucy Diamond Dawson, with a homeless woman, who leaves as soon as Lucy is born. After a fateful incident at a surprise birthday party for Lucy, the court takes away Lucy. Now Sam must fight alongside a reluctant lawyer, Rita Harrison, against society's protests that a retarded father is incapable of taking care of a child. Lucy remains faithful to her father and steadfastly hopes to be reunited. A similarly strong father-child bond is seen in "Night", a stirring Holocaust story told through the eyes of a Jewish survivor. Elie Wiesel and his father, Chlomo, are taken into the Nazi's system of concentration camps. Facing many dangerous situations that make Elie question his own will to live, Elie is able to survive by depending on the strong bonds he has with his father.

Later in their internment, Elie's father becomes sick with dysentery, and Elie, who could easily abandon his father to save himself, stays with his father and constantly visits Chlomo's bed. In both stories, the fathers are holding back the children and society tells the children to forsake their fathers. However, each child resists this temptation and continues to love their fathers and hope for their fathers. Lucy and Elie are able to withstand the pressures of society through the help of their father and in turn show their love for their father.

;Lucy is constantly pressured by society to live with new parents. As Lucy grows up, she begins to read harder and harder books that her own father is not able to read. She realizes...