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The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans can be considered to be the greatest early American civilizations. All three are similar in many things, but there are a few differences that set them apart. The three civilizations were very similar in various things. They all depended on great armies to expand their borders and protect the homeland. All three had a similar polytheistic religion that was very important to them. The civilizations had strong economies with substantial trade. These civilizations, however, are by no means the same; on the contrary there is a stark contrast between them.

The Mayans had a very sophisticated astronomical system. This allowed them to create a calendar more accurate than the one in use today. Mayans also built the most sophisticated pyramids of all the Amerindian cultures. These pyramids would sometimes be the center-point to large religious cities, built for the sole purpose of worship. It is quite apparent that religion was very important to these people.

It was not until the invention of the airplane that we actually discovered these religious cities, because of the massive amounts of jungle and brush surrounding these wonders.

The Mayans also had a unique game of which we still do not know all of the details. It is believed that the game was played to one point, scoring being upon pushing the ball through a hoop at either side of the court. This may sound like a simple task but it most certainly is not. The hoops were a long ways up a steep incline; the ball was made of pure rubber, strong enough to break any bone in the human body. This game had no time limit, it could last anywhere from several minutes, to several days.

The Aztecs were a notch above the others when it came...