Complete Set of Professional High School Bylaws

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Student Council Bylaws for __________ High School

Approved and sworn in by:

serving president __________,

serving vice president ___________,

serving secretary __________.

Table of contents:

- Election Bylaws - Article 1

-Executive council elections

-Subcommittee elections

- Executive Council Bylaws - Article 2

- Member Expectations

- When Failure to Meet Expectations Occurs

- Subcommittee Bylaws - Article 3

- Member Expectations

- When Failure to Meet Expectations Occurs

- Formal Council Meeting Bylaws - Article 4

- Agendas and Regulations

- Following Robert=s Rules

- Council Court Bylaws (to follow shortly) - Article 5

- Ultimate Goals of the Entire Council - Article 6

Article 1

Executive and Subcommittee Council Elections

Executive Council Elections:

Criteria for the Ability to Run in Election:

- Any student who is and portrays a positive citizen role in the school and in the community is allowed to run for any executive spot. A background in community oriented service such as volunteer work, or a back ground in the field of the role candidates wish to run for is preferred.

- Any student wishing to run for a position on the executive council must obtain and fill out the required form which is to be viewed by past council members who are not running in the present year=s elections. Rules for past members who are running again follow below.

- A resume and 300-word essay must be handed in with the form. Both are also to be looked over by past council members.

- If any problems should arise the council will talk to the candidate personally. Past council members have the power to advise any of the candidates to step out of running. Past council members are also welcome to step up an interview for any of the candidates for a further look...