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"Hackers could turn the Linux OS itself into a piece of spy ware or other malware" means that hackers can go in Linux os as it is an open source and they can download it with some kind of spyware or viruses that can exploit the whole system and it may damage the whole program. They can do this by certain programs. Hackers are computer experts that can break into people's computers and exploit there whole system.

Open source software is free and available to every in the whole world. Any one can use it or modify it for there reasons and purpose. Open source might be created by a single person or by a group of people or an organization. It is mainly programmed by volunteers from many organizations.

Advantages of open sources are that they are free to be read by everyone and everybody can gain knowledge from it.

By obtaining information from open sources it makes it a lot easier to resolve problems as it is free and very easy to obtain. By open sources students can learn lot of things in every field of education. Also by open sources it is a lot easier for unemployed people to find jobs. That can have a great effect in business and on Canada's economy. We can also hear about different kind of news and things that are happening all over the world. We can also download different softwares from open sources and we can update our computer.

Disadvantages of open sources are anyone can copy the information that is on the website and sell it for less money than the website. The biggest disadvantage of a open source is that it is exposed to everyone. So hackers can go in and manipulate the open source like Linux...