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"Cool Hand Luke" is a triumphant tail about a man that is taken into prison to join the chain gang, because of his alcoholic ways. In my opinion Luke is most certainly not a hero. A hero is someone who never gives up and will do anything to help another person. The only person Luke tries to help at all in this story is himself. He is careless of how other people will be affected and he will do anything to get himself out of jail with no regard to anyone else. He endangers the lives of many others. He runs away for the fifth time with a fellow inmate and leaves them on there own to get caught.

In the end of this movie, the main boss guy tells Luke that if he runs away one more time that he is going to kill him. With out that even crossing his mind Luke runs away one more time.

He gets through the woods and finds a church, sure that he is good to go and is not going to get caught, and he enters the church. Luke does not believe in god and makes that very clear during the movie, but still he prays in hopes that god will point him in the right direction. Not even five minutes after Luke prays he sees the police cars and sees the main boss guy get out of the police car. Luke then very non-hero like walks to the window and simply gives up.

A hero is not someone who gives up. A hero is someone who cares for others more then they care about them selves. Luke does not show any sign of true heroism. He cares about nothing but himself. Luke is not a hero at...