Corporation and confidence: discussion.

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If confidence in a company's stock is perpetually high (Coca-Cola, Walmart), you can

assume that investors won't see a relatively high return on their investment. People

invest in these kinds of companies because they're confident that the company is a

stable investment. The buy low / sell high kinds of companies are investment risks and

depending on who you are (or when you buy/sell) you might be happy to see confidence


That's the reason I see that share prices / volumes are not part of a company's profit

margin (net income): neither really indicate how much a return the company is getting

from the use of its assets. They're more indicative of market perceptions and forecasts

than an objective snapshot of a corporation's success.

It is important for a corporation to maintain the confidence of the stockholder so they will

continue to either buy, or hold the stock they currently own.

Once a poor earnings

report comes out (especially one without a good explanation), the confidence of the

stockholder can be lost. It is very easy for the stockholder to lose confidence especially

if the industry that company is in isn't doing so well.

I believe that financial analysis are very important, although analyzing financial statements can be quite complex. Financial data represent the concrete results of the company's strategy and structure. The analysis of a balance sheet for example can identify potential liquidity problems. These may signify the company's inability to meet financial obligations.