"The Corporation" and Debate Response.

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"The Corporation" is a film, which goes in depth into the problems

that plague the corporate world. It is a case study that defines a

corporation as an individual person, a person that displays

psychopathic traits. This film portrays this individual 'person' as

someone who acts purely out of self-interest, not caring about the

consequences it may inflict on others, just as long as they get their

money. Corporations lack morals, is deceitful and will break legal,

social, human health standards to get their way. The film also delves

in to the mindset of these corporations. Who is the bad guy? Is it the

institution or the individuals who work for that institution? It

brings up all these points and question and attempts to answer and

prove them by interviewing corporate insider and outsiders alike.

This film brought up many questions in my mind. It revealed something

that I was already aware of.

That these powerful corporations possess

so much power to the point that it can someday in the future rival the

government. In this instance I was forced to choose the best of both

evils. This film was of course bias, to a point. They did include

interviews from the very people they were attacking. Whenever this

happened it showed that these people working for these companies were

usually blissfully ignorant to what was truly going on.

The first debate, Child labor vs. the Corporations, in my opinion was

not a very good debate. Many of the key arguments were weak. The

corporation came up with arguments that when closely analyzed were

complete lies. The labor side did not deflect these arguments in a

good way a all. Some of the key arguments in this debate were; 1) the

no-tax zones set up by third world...