How could technology transform the re-telling of "The Hobbit"?

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The novel that I have read, "The Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkien, can be easily retold by technology, as it is a fantasy novel. J.R.R Tolkien has written the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with "The Hobbit" as a prelude. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has already been retold using technology, as movies have been created about it. "The Hobbit" could be retold in a movie format, but there are other ways, using more advanced technology, to retell this novel.

In the Gershenfeld Chapter "Bits and Books", it explains about the new printing and paper technology that we might use in the future. The arrival of smart paper, which uses microencapsulating ink to print words, can be used to retell every book and it will be the way of printing in the near future. Also, with the newly founded technology of radio paper, all kinds of books can be retold.

With the radio paper, items such as newspapers will never be out-of date as the paper receives radio waves with news to update the page. Using this technology to retell my story, one can just have paper sitting out on a desk and be downloading the story onto the paper. This is much different than the thick books that we read today. One can just have one piece of paper and have the freedom to read any story he or she chooses to read. All they have to do is download the story onto the paper and begin reading.

These new technologies of the electronic book will probably make bookstores or libraries obsolete. Since pages of books can be just downloaded into pages of an electronic book, there would be no more use for paperbacks or hardcovers. With the extinction of real books, the effect of the novel wouldn't...