Court Report.

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Court Report

The Australian Judiciary system is meant to uphold the law and dispense fair and equal justice upon all who come before it. It is, in theory, a way for power to be balanced between parties in society and is available to all who require its services regardless of sex, race, religion or financial standing. However, from a recent visit to the Magistrate and Supreme Courts, the theory of equal standing of all before law seems to be dissipating as financial standing and money start to have an ever increasing influence on the Judicial system. A myriad of changes must be employed to ensure that the current standing values of the Australian Judicial system are not lost.

The Townsville Law Courts architecture emits a foreboding and intimidating vibe when approached. The large concrete infrastructure rises up and engulfs you as you walk into the Courtroom building giving those entering a feeling of belittlement; you are entering something much larger and more important than yourself.

Once inside the Courthouse one must wait until called to their court room for their hearing. The limited seating forces people to stand while waiting or sit on the concrete outside in the heat. At a time of such stress and anxiety the standing does little to ease tension or nerves among those gathered for the day.

The Courtroom itself it gives off an intimidating feeling. The judge is seated higher than the rest of those in the courtroom giving them an air of supremacy and control. It is of great irony that the person to ensure equality of the law is themselves above and unequal to those who surround them. There is a glass dock in which a defendant must sit while his case his heard. The box is in sight of all who...