Critical analysis on "The Lord God Made Them All" by James Alfred Wight pen name James Herriot

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Hard work, joy, and uncertainty, is what you read about in "The Lord God Made Them All" by James Herriot really name James Alfred Wight. At First when I was told I had to read a biography I was not interested, but a friend told me about The Lord God Made Them All and as I started reading a James life it really fascinated me as a autobiography and it was very captivating, James Herriot tells of is experiences as country vet whether good or bad you can learn from them all. So the moral lessons, intricate details, and the ability to make you believe you are in the surgery getting cleaned up after sowing a dog back together or in a barn helping give birth to a baby calf during a snow storm. That is what makes him an excellent writer, showing his life style as a hard working common man and his love for the hard working farmers of Thrisk.

James Herriot Shows the love, hard work, and contentment of the common man doing his common work, in his main characters, himself, his family, and his colueges as they struggle with every day problems. This book contains no major plot but a collection of stories which all have there individual plots and climaxes. In one chapter he shows the joys of a labors calf birth, yet in the very next chapter he could be mourning over a dead puppy dog, showing the care and anxiety of a vet for his patience both human and animal.

Helping his animal patience is what James Herriot does in all the chapters while taking care of the challenges he has at his home this shows the realism in his character, himself, and will having problems at home he rarely...