Critical essay on the personality test theory and how different issues helped us to understand the human mind.

Essay by cyndyfun September 2005

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In our study of psychology, we have applied different types of skills in our tasks. Among the different types of skills are communication, critical, mathematical, small group perception, global perspectives, societal perspectives, personal wellness, information skills, scientific views and large group perceptions. All these skills has been vital to our understanding of psychology since it combines different perspectives and facts.

On the personality test we rated the best colors that suit us and used some mathematical skills by adding up scores to determine our primary, secondary, third and last color. This test helped us to realize the color that best described certain characteristics like our abilities, thereby increasing our personal wellness.

The second is the Validation essay. This essay required us to validate whether our true color best described our behavior. The essay also demanded our critique skills about different colors and other personalities. It also brought out our communication skills out sine we had to reveal ourselves through the way we approached the task.

The validation essay also gave us the opportunity to explore other global perspective or views that different kinds of people had concerning a particular color.

The third is the small group perception. This activity of determining and agreeing on what we say on the screen allowed us to explore both our communicative skills and our critical thinking, since we had to observe carefully and describe what we saw on the screen.

The lectures and large group tasks also helps to bring out our communicative skills because students have to respond to what their classmates says. We also make suggestions and thereby we use our critical thinking skill. Through this large group participation, we are able to recognize societal perspective on topics like, prejudice, colors and thinking. The large class participation also helps us to get...