Cultural Life among the Ibo in "Things Fall Apart".

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In the story, " Things Fall Apart" Chinua Achebe gave a great description and illustration of the way of life among the Ibo people. Ibo is a tribe in Africa and it is a very traditional and it doesn't believe in the creator God. The Ibo culture is a way of life for the people of the tribe and it lays guidelines for how the people should live.

In the Ibo tribe the elders was well respected. Age was respected among the people and achievements were revered. They didn't give you respect by what you achieved in life but how old you was. The oldest person in the tribe was treated with great respect. One thing I noticed about the Ibo culture is that the people and the villages would increase their wealth and prestige by growing more yams and not by trading with other villages as was later seen.

Yam is a favorite food among the Ibo people and it seem that everybody dreams was to grow yam to gain wealth. The people of the tribe engaged in famine and they knew everything about seasonal farming. Okonkwo had dream to become rich and his goal was to acquire land and grew many yams. In the Ibo community a man is also allowed to take many wives and each wife was supposed to have their own huts. Okonkwo had three wives and each of them had their own huts or obi. The Ibo men allows walk around with their goatskin bag and it seems that the people always drank palm oil. They drank palm oil at weddings and for traditional festivals. One-tradional festival the Ibo people celebrate is the week of peace. During the week of peace people of the tribe, do not do anything violent and at the end...