Dangers of Body Piercing.

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What problems can develop from body piercing.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the real dangers of body piercing.

Thesis Statement: Anyone who is going to get a piercing should understands the effects that it may have on their body.


Attention Material: Who has a body piercing besides their ears? Well did you know that by getting a piercing you have put yourself at risk for getting a severe infection. The first case of a brain abscess caused by a tongue piercing has been identified in a 22 year old female. An abscess is described as a painful swelling which contains infectious fluid that has become trapped. The 22 year old girl reported swelling and pus drainage around her piercing site at about 2-3 days after getting it pierced. She took out the stud in her tongue soon after this felt better. But 4 weeks later she began experiencing headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

She went for an MRI which revealed a brain abscess. She underwent surgery to drain it and received 6 weeks of antibiotic therapy. When they examined the drained fluid from the abscess they confirmed that it had Streptococcus and other normal mouth bacteria in it, confirming that the infection from her tongue piercing had spread to form the abscess. (http://www.mercola.com)

Thesis Statement: This girl probably didn't know how to properly take care of and maintain her piercing. She should have understood the effects that a piercing could have on her body, as should anyone planing on getting one.

(Transition: Some other more common problems with piercings include Follicular Cysts, Skin abscesses, keloids and migration of body jewelry. )


I. A Follicular Cyst is an obstruction or blockage inside the piercing that causes lymph to gather. This forms a liquid filled bump that...