"Dead Water Zone" By Kenneth Oppel

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"Dead Water Zone" is written by Kenneth Oppel. An award-winning author from Toronto that has sold over one million of his books to countries across the world.

The main character is Paul. He is not very smart but he prides himself on his athletic ability. He and his brother Sam share the "bronze and brains" relationship, with Paul being the bronze and Sam the brains. Paul feels guilty about something he did to Sam before Sam moved away and feels that he owes Sam. Paul is the main reason almost everyone can relate to this novel because we have all been in the same type of situation.

There is no doubt that the author's home city, Toronto, had an influence on making pollution a major element in the storyline. It does not say exactly where the story takes place, but thanks to a few clues we can tell it is a larger city in North America, in the near future.

The time and location where perfect for the novel. Watertown has an eerie setting. The setting helps improve the characters and their relation from something unoriginal to something brilliant.

At the start of the novel Paul has received a desperate phone call from his younger brother Sam. Sam has been doing tests in Watertown and has run across something strange in the water samples. Sam sounds uneasy and asks Paul to meet him. When Paul arrives in Watertown Sam is nowhere to be found, instead he meets a girl by the name of Monica and stumbles upon a secret that government will do anything to keep quiet. The novel's storyline is easy to relate to as well easy to follow. Although the plot is pretty basic it is also very interesting and that makes the novel hard...