Deaf Culture Autobiographies: Reverend Thomas Coughlin.

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The deaf reverent on the video was very enthusiastic about life. Reverend Thomas Coughlin talked about all of his experiences and hardships he had overcome. In the video he explained to me how hard it was for him to become a priest. None of the schools that he wrote to would except him. All the schools wrote back in reply that they could not teach a deaf person it would be too hard and most likely impossible. Which is messed up and very close minded. So Thomas decided to apply to a school without mentioning that he was deaf. And surprise surprise they acccepted Thomas not knowing he was deaf. Well of course they eventually found out he was deaf and began telling him the same thing the other schools told. But after meeting him they let him in the school anyway, I was very impressed by his persistence and sneakiness.

No matter how hard the circumstances became he did not quite.

He had told stories about traveling all over the world and meeting many, many deaf people. Many of the deaf people he had met had faced challenges like he had, but gave up in embarrassment and thought that they just couldn't do it because they were deaf and that's the cards they were dealt in life. When he heard this he tried to encourage these people by telling them not to give up, to have desire to strive for what they want. But this one example he used I found very interesting. He said that when Jesus met a blind man Jesus told the man to see, when Jesus met a sick man he told the man to be well, but when Jesus met a deaf man he told him to be open. Jesus didn't tell...