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Critical thinking is more efficient when you apply a decision making model. They all seem to involve a different number of steps. The model you choose needs to be one that will work the best for you without being too technical or too short sighted. Sometimes combining models may be what is best for you and your situation.

Eight Step Ethical Decision-Making Model

The following Eight Step Ethical Decision-Making Model comes from the work of Corey et al.(1998) It centers a lot around ethics in decision making and how a code of ethics can help to make decisions. The steps are identified as follows:

Step 1: Identify the problem.

Step 2: Identify the potential issues involved.

Step 3: Review relevant ethical guidelines.

Step 4: Know relevant laws and regulations.

Step 5: Obtain consultation.

Step 6: Consider possible and probable courses of action.

Step 7: List the consequences of the probable courses of action.

Step 8: Decide on what appears to be the best course of action.

This model is more based on making ethical decisions and in my opinion is to drawn out and technical. If you have a good ethical background and ethics have helped you cancel out certain decisions before you get to the point where you have to consciously bring ethics into the decision making then this model would not help. This model would be more helpful in making decisions between two choices of which one is something you are apparently questioning, since you are feeling the need to bring laws, guidelines and outside consultation into the making of the decision.

7 Step Decision-Making Model

The next model is called a 7 Step Decision-Making Model from UNF. This model is set up to help with the "career decision-making process."(University of Northern Florida - Date) The steps...