Defining Moments in Canadian History

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The nineties was a very significant decade because it had many crucial moments in Canadian history. Some defining moments would include the battle of Vimy Ridge, the on to Ottawa track, and the persons case. Without the nineties Canada wouldn't really be what it is today.

One of the biggest events that occurred in that decade was the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Some say it was the time Canada surfaced from under Britain's supremacy; others feel that it was a time of Canada's independence. It was a tough battle but the consistency and the devotion of Canadian soldiers had won the surrender of the German Army. The success of this battle is the reason why it is valued as an immense event in Canadian History.

As well as the battle of Vimy Ridge, the On to Ottawa Trek was another example of the way Canadians have shown how they strive for their independence and how they will stop at nothing to get what they believe is right.

There were about 1,400 men were involved in this riot, and it was a bloody day, many of the trekkers had been injured. All the hard work of these men, regained their rights as well as their independence as their long journey of the On to Ottawa Trek had come to an end.

However, men were not the only ones that had fought for Canadians rights, the persons case is a momentous example on how women have contributed to how we live today. In 1917, the Alberta Supreme Court ruled that women were persons. Emily Murphy and four other prominent Alberta women's rights activists, now known as the Famous Five, signed a petition to the Senate. Although it didn't pass at first, by 1930 Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King appointed Cairine Wilson...