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An organization's reputation, profitability, and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted "publics" support its goals and policies. Public relations specialists serve as advocates for businesses, nonprofit associations, universities, hospitals, and other organizations, and build and maintain positive relationships with the public.

Businesses recognize the growing importance of good public relations to the success of their organizations; they increasingly rely on public relations specialists for advice on the strategy and policy of such programs. As noted on "Today's expanding companies are seeking a blend of strategic and tactical support for their public relations efforts but are also requiring innovative, cost-efficient programs," said Neil Myers, president of Connect Public Relations. "We are proud to be working with six pioneering leaders within the tech industry who recognize the value in developing a strong corporate communications program."

Public relations specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; or employee and investor relations.

However, public relations are not only telling the organization's story but also understanding the attitudes and concerns of consumers, employees, and various other groups. To improve communications, public relations specialists establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups and with representatives from print and broadcast journalism.

In non-high-tech organizations, a public relations relationship is often subordinated to advertising, marketing, legal, or human resources. However, public relations must be the interpreter of the organization - its philosophy, policy, and programs. These emanate from top management. Therefore, public relations must report to those who run the organization. Additionally, a key attribute in public relations is informing the general public, interest groups, and stockholders of an organization's policies, activities, and accomplishments. This also involves keeping management aware...