Definition of Perseverence.

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Perseverance. Whether we wear it on the sleeve of our heart or we hide it deep within our core, we all possess this one special quality. Sadly, most of us don't know its true power. As tough obstacles interfere in our lives, we don't seem to realize that perseverance can pull us through because it is the key to overcoming hurdles and the guiding light to success. One of my ultimate tests of perseverance was a badminton match about one year ago. That day, I stood on the court, tired and out of breath. The score was seven to one, in favor of the opponent, in the third and final set of the match. It was my turn to serve and I hesitantly held the birdie, trying to gain some precious time to catch my breath. I stared at my confident opponent's face through the lines of the net, and I literally wanted to lie down in defeat, but this was not perseverance.

Perseverance isn't giving up or letting difficulties overwhelm you. Perseverance is conquering even when the odds are stacked against you, finding success despite the circumstances, and feeling proud of your accomplishments.

At that point in the match, I felt absolutely deflated and didn't want to continue on. I should just let her win, I said to myself. However, as I held the birdie, I felt something pass through me. I realized that this was no longer a simple badminton match, but actually a metaphor for my entire life. If I gave up now, how could I ever look myself in the eye again? I lived my life to succeed, to make my family and my friends proud, because their joy in my accomplishments was what kept me going. I couldn't disappoint them,