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This treaty took the name from the Palace of Versailles in Paris where it was signed. The treaty was designed to humiliate the Germans. The Germans were given two weeks to comment about the treaty of Versailles but their comments were ignored. They were told to sign the treaty or Germany would be invaded. So the German government had no other choice but to sign the unfair treaty.

Germany was to accept the blame for all the loss and damage which the Allied Government and their nationals have been subjected to as a consequence of the war imposed on them by the aggression of Germany and her allies. Germany had to accept full blame for starting the war.

Since the Germans were seen to be responsible for the war, they were made to pay for it. Germany was told that it would have to pay compensation to the allies for the war damage caused.

The Big Four, who were Wilson, Georges Clemenceau, David Lloyd George and Vittirio Orlando, could not agree on how much the Germans had to pay for the loss. The treaty then set up a commission to decide the exact amount. Germany objected but she could not do anything as she was forced to accept it.

Germany was asked to minimize her army and navy by the Big Four. Her army and navy had to be kept small so that it would be too weak to fight another war. Not only that, Germany was also forbidden to have an air force or to build tanks.

Besides, Germany lost all its colonies. All its colonies became mandates of the League of Nations. This meant that they would be run by one of the victorious powers until they were ready to gain independence.

There were also nine new...