Determine the importance of Quality Labour and Quality Machinery in an organisation

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To prosper in today's economic environment, every organization and its suppliers must be dedicated to the never ending improvement in quality, efficiency and productivity. Quality must be taken into account and integrated in all areas of the production process, since quality is the key to satisfying both customers and shareholders.

The quality concept starts at the very top of the organization since people in an organization perform to the standards of their leaders. Management should clearly define and communicate service level targets so that, its employees know what service goals they must achieve. Thus, it is important that the top management is aware of the concept of delivering a product and service which is of excellent quality to their customers. Quality leadership should be a fundamental strategic goal to ensure that management energy is committed to the task. This requires a commitment throughout the organization and all of its activities.

While Quality has its own reward in terms of increased long-term sales, the methods used to achieve this Quality also have other benefits. In seeking to improve the quality of the product, manufacturers have found that the people best placed to make substantial contributions are the workforce: people are the most valuable resource. Thus, one should aim at the empowerment of the workforce, decision-making by the front line, and active worker involvement in the company's advancement. However, to achieve this, employees must be firstly trained and learn how to learn how to hold meetings, how to analyse problems, how to take decisions, how to present solutions, how to implement and evaluate change.

Labour is the organization's source of strength, they provide corporate intelligence and they determine the whole organization's reputation. Thus, managing for quality should start by having a labour force which is conscious towards quality.

Labour quality is enhanced...