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A person may wonder how Dirk Nowitzki has changed life. He is more than one of the best basketball players in the world, and without him, there would be starving, dehydrated children in the world that need help.

A good question would be "How did Dirk Nowitzki get all of his talent?" A part of the answer would be his family genetics. He was born to a very athletic family who helped him to succeed. His father, Jorg played handball, a game like soccer except you use your hands and try to throw the ball in the opponent's goal, His mother, Helen, made it big-time by qualifying for the German women's national basketball team. His sister wasn't a big sports person but she does work for the company that produces NBA T.V. Nowitzki wasn't born talented, in fact he didn't even pick up a basketball until he was in his early teenage years.

Before he played basketball, he enjoyed playing tennis and other sports.

Nowitzki didn't improve by himself; he got help from Holger Geschwinder, the captain of the German Olympic team. Geschwinder had confidence in Nowitzki and flew to San Antonio and entered him into a Hoop summit. Nowitzki was a leader even then for he led the German team to beat the U.S. Team. It was very surprising, even to Dirk, for the U.S. team was very good.

When he got drafted into the NBA he started to play for the Milwaukee Bucks. A rumor said that the coach of the Bucks had a bad night and Nowitzki was traded to the Mavericks the next day. Don Nelson, the coach of the Mavericks, said, "That was a major gamble for us. He was a high lottery ticket that you don't often get a chance at." (InfoTrac3) When Nowitzki...