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African- Americans are being discriminated in their work place.

"...Some of the white workers used to refer to us black people as "them people", "Boy" or even "Nigger..."

One of the most common discriminations in our days is racism. No matter how much people try to repress it, it still stays a big issue in our lives. Very serious discrimination is happening in our days in America against African-Americans. "African-Americans" refer to 33 million people who make up 13% of the USA. It is estimated that every African-American experiences about 200 incidents a year, from slurs screamed at them by passing motorists, to cashiers who will not put the change in their hands, and a whole variety of other unclassifiable events. "It is unrealistic to blame African-Americans for failing to overcome most barriers because so many of those barriers are deeply rooted in our society. The weight of the past may be the biggest barrier to the future".

Just recently a famous chain of restaurants "Cracker Barrel Old Country Store" has been charged with discrimination against African-Americans. Plaintiffs described widespread discrimination against African-Americans in hiring, firing, pay, promotions and terms and conditions of employment in several Cracker Barrel restaurants across Southeast. The blacks who have been working at some point at those restaurants have experienced a racially hostile work environment.

One of the workers, an African-American woman of 32 years old says: "...some of the white workers used to refer to us black people as "them people", "Boy" or even "Nigger". There were times when the managers heard their comments, however didn't tell them off for that and instead would even sometimes tell a racist joke to fire up the mood even more... this I must admit, really did put my self-esteem practically to zero..."

Another plaintiff, Aisha...