Diversity and Individual Behavior

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This paper will strive to define individual characteristics of diversity and examine how each impacts individual behavior. No two people are exactly alike, and defining and examining the diversity that one runs into everyday can make relationships a lot easier to build and keep. Diversity affects every persons individual life either personally or through those that are different from the individual. Think about it, probably the most diverse environment one is exposed to on a daily basis is the workplace, and at least one-third of our days are spent in a work environment. Recognizing and adapting to the diversity that is around can make the work place a much more enjoyable place.

One of the areas that one is exposed to almost on a daily basis is sexual orientation, or sexual preference. Sexual orientation is a subject that has been pushed to the forefront in recent years, and with this day and age of instant access (with the media and online information), anyone can read a wealth of information on the subject.

There are many different varying theories on why people select homosexuality over heterosexuality or bi-sexuality over another. Some of the theories give physiological reasons for sexual preference while others base sexual orientation solely on environmental and psychological reasons. Ask someone who is of a different sexual preference why they are of that sexual preference, one will get different answers as to why he are of that affinity. Some will say that they were born that way and others will say that it is a chosen lifestyle. With so many varying degrees of reasoning and theories on sexual preference, it is impossible to come to a reasonable conclusion on why some prefer their own gender to those of the opposite sex.

How does sexual preference affect...