Do you agree that Hitler was unlikely to win World War II because the Allies had greater resources? Explain your answer.

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I agree to a large extent that Hitler was unlikely to win World War II because the Allies had greater resources. However, there was also other factor that contributed to Hitler's failure in World War II.

The Allies had better resources than the Axis Powers. The Axis Powers were outnumbered in terms of manpower. The combined populations of Germany, Italy and Japan was 200 million compared to the Allies' 340 million. This showed that the Axis Powers did not have sufficient army to fight in the war and this caused Germany's chance of winning low. Besides, the Axis Powers also lost out in terms of military supplies. They always ran short of supplies during the war and this was seen as one of the weaknesses that the Axis Powers had. While, the Allies never ran short of supplies and this contributed to their victory.

Besides that, the British navy gained control of the seas gradually.

They also placed a blockade on Germany, which later on, brought the Germans to the points of starvation. The Allies also had air supremacy over the Axis Powers. Towards the end of the war, German cities were bomb and many cities suffered badly.

However, it was not only just the better resources of the Allies that won the war. It was also caused of Hitler's decision in making the wrong move. When he decided to invade Russia, he underestimated the sheer size of the country and when the winter came, the Germans were short of clothes and food. Hitler did not allowed his troops to retreat but in the end, the Germans were forced to surrender and they suffered huge losses.

In my opinion, if Hitler let his troops to retreat during the winter, they might have the chance to win the...