The Door.

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The door was painted a bright red at one point, though these days you can barely tell. The harsh weather and heat of the southwestern sun had taken its toll on the once vibrant door leaving it now to be left in disregard by the owner. The stifling summer sun and the unforgiving torrent of the cyclones leaves the door almost bare. Being used rarely the hinges have become rusty and, in turn, now make the most retched of sounds when movement is forced upon them.

If one where to judge a residence based strictly upon it's entry then one would take on the assumption that this residence is run-down, unkempt, a ramshackle of sorts. Quite the opposite is true for this house though. A quick glance at the surroundings will prove otherwise, the lawn is kept trim in such a meticulous fashion that it would appear as if the gardener had cut it using a single pair of clippers.

The gardens that exist on either side of the house are watered and maintained in a diligent and religious manner, not a single unwanted plant exists within the confines of the gardens. The shutters and siding is incredibly well maintained, appearing as though the painting of them is a yearly affair.

This now brings into ones mine the question of 'Why would someone who cares so scrupulously about the exterior appearance of their residence fail to maintain their door?' One would think that a door, of all things, would be the easiest to maintain. In the questioning the human mind tends to form answers to it's own questions. Could it be that the owner of this house fails to notice the monstrosity that others can't help but notice? Is it possible that the owner does take notice...