Doping: "Dark side of the sports"

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"Sport is man's phenomenal activity. It brings him a feeling of satisfaction, self-realization and strengthens his health" (Antidoping, 2004, § 1). But sportsmen and women very often use pharmaceutical substances and methods to make the best possible result. A lot of those substances and methods are prohibited, so they are classified as doping. As reported in Antidoping (2004) doping is defined as breaking one or more antidoping rules introduced in § 2.1 - 2.8 of the antidoping Code. Introduction of the Code follows in § 3. In last few years doping has become the blotch of the sports society. An antidoping document was introduced to help fighting against doping. This document includes reasons of using banned substances and how to fight against it.

Why do sports people take prohibited substances? Competition, illness, sponsors and doctors are the answers to this question. Let's start with hard competition. A lot of sportsmen and women are very ambitious.

They want to win every single race, fight or competition, but they are maybe less talented than their competitors. They don't know anymore, how to improve their skills, so they try prohibited substances to become better, stronger and faster. Another reason for doping is illness or injury. Doing a sport in a professional way is very hard for human's health. It can easily lead to an injury or illness. And if sportsmen/women get ill or injured and have to make a break, they will lose many things. At first they lose the good feeling of doing a sport. Secondly they lose their stamina and skills, so they have to prepare and train again from the very beginning, which takes a lot of time. Finally and that might be the main reason of taking doping substances, is losing money. If they are out of competition they...