Dormitory Assylum

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Ah, college. It is the place where young minds are set firmly to the task of learning,

of engaging the great minds of history to prepare for the day that they, too, may make

their mark, may contribute their share to the advancement of humankind. It is a place of

dreams and aspirations for the student who is emotionally mature and focused. But

shortly after this student's parents bid their farewell, he will shortly discover several

primitive life forms exist in the college dormitory that make serious study impossible


First is the music-freak who plays his stereo at maximum volume at all hours of

the day and night. This creature has no concern that others on the floor might not be

interested in listening to music at the time he does. One such creature, referred to as

Metal Head by several of us because of his predilection for heavy metal music, leaves

his door open and his stereo blaring at top volume whenever he goes to the shower at the

end of the hallway.

So, as I'm probing the mysteries of cell division in my Biology 202

book in preparation for an exam or attempting to write an essay on Thoreau's ideas of

economy for English class, I am forced to listen to such lyrics as I can understand

screamed past abused instruments. "Baby, you make me hot," or "I wanna rub you body"

are ones I've managed to distinguish from the chaotic noise spewing out the15" Bose

speakers aimed at me. I have little doubt that he can hear his music with the shower

running and his head under the spray since the music is audible on the athletic field

outside the building. Anyone who might be in the midst of reading or some other

academic project...