Downfalls of Clinton's Presidency

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Upon taking office, Clinton created a storm of protest when he proposed lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military. In July 1993 a compromise "Don't ask don't tell" policy was struck, requiring gays and lesbians to be discreet about their sexual orientation and not to engage in homosexual acts. This was a mistake because it did not go along with his moderate stance. Instead he looked like quite the liberal. Also several embarrassing problems with the selection of women and minorities for cabinet and sub cabinet positions made the Clinton office look disarrayed. There was also discontentment about the President's administration being too much of a dictator. Then in domestic policy, Clinton secured an adoption of an economic package that combined tax increases and spending cuts. Republicans predicted that the move would raise taxes and cause economic calamity. Along with domestic policy was the health care issue. The President put his wife in control of the administration.

Hilary's plan included health alliances to emphasize managed care, asked Americans to pay more to consult private physicians, and expanded coverage to include all citizens. Many groups disliked this health plan known as the "Clinton Health Plan." Republicans and the insurance industry felt that the new plan was too complex and costly. By 1994 the health care issue became a huge disadvantage for the Clinton White House and further damaged Clinton's reputation. Foreign policy also hindered Clinton's presidency. When he first stepped into office, Clinton was faced with a complex set of circumstances in the world. The U.S. was heavily involved in all different areas of the world such as Haiti and Bosnia. What made this even worse was the fact that Clinton came into office with his mind concentrated on domestic issues rather than foreign affairs. As a result, Clinton's first...