The Dramatic Change: Brief overview of "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka

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Every one has struggles that they deal with in their daily lives. Whether it's getting to resolve disagreements with other family members, or just learning to accept their inner feelings and troubles. In Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, goes through a transformation that changed his life and the way he viewed the world around him completely. Along the way he faces the isolation of being alone and feels neglected and humiliated by the rest of his family including his parents who were once very proud of him.

Having a family and knowing how to enjoy them is very important to a person's social life, therefore being suddenly the target of disgust and embarrassment of the family can be very hard to overcome. Most people, like Gregor's family love someone only when it benefits them. Many circumstances in life cause a person to change over time, just like Gregor suddenly woke up completely transformed into a beetle.

His family was completely dependent on him before the metamorphosis, because he worked just to support his family. Therefore, when he transforms he is unable to work and is useless to his family because he can't support them anymore. As a result, Greg's family has to work to support themselves. For instance, Mr. Samsa gets a job at a bank, his mom starts to sow, while his sister who being still a child has to work as a saleslady. He feels trapped under his new body since he is able to listen his family's conversations outside his room but is unable to leave it. After a while, Greg's family treats him as if he wasn't there. The only person that goes and visits him is his sister Grete. She feels compassionate for him and feeds him everyday even if...