Early Life of M. Gandhi and his Background.

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Mohandas .K. Gandhi well known as "Mahatma"(great souled) was the great founder of the Principle of Non-Violence as a political way of life. Gandhi was born on the 2nd October 1869 at Porbandar. He was born into both a political and religious family, in that his father at that time was the prime minister of the city and frequented the temple often when he was not at his political works. His mother on the other hand, was well informed about matters concerning the state and observed the fasts and religious teachings of the church.

In Gandhi's early childhood, he was very shy and avoided talking to people so he ran home immediately school was adjourned. Books were his only companion and this was seen by the various prizes and scholarships he won in school. He hated sports and only participated in cricket when he was forced to by the sports teacher.

He also took interest in sacred books through his sanskirt lessons, which were a form of pastrol class that the Asian would indulge in.

At an early age of 13 years Gandhi got married to Kasturba a young simple, independent and persevering lady. Here we see him taking his first responsibility as a husband. At 16years of age his father passed away due to long term illness; this saddened Gandhi because of his close relationship with his father.

Gandhi later decided to follow in his fathers Gadi(official work) going to England (London) to study his first degree in Law from the years 1887-1893. The caste elders and religious leaders were proud of Gandhi's efforts but were not happy because they thought that his values would be compromised. Despite this Gandhi promised to keep away from meat, women and alcohol, which he did during his stay there. When he was...