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Throughout history, education has always been one of man's most important activities. In fact, man could not carry on government, family life, religion, or earn a living, without some form of education. To understand human development and man himself, we need to understand education.

In a democracy, education is everyone's business. We first become interested in education as learners and ads students in school. Later, as citizens, we pay taxes and help run the public schools. The kind of education everyone receives is as important to each of us as is our own education. This is because the quality of a community or nation depends largely upon the kind of education all its citizens receive. A community of well-educated people makes a good place to live.

Our present methods of education have been influenced by the way education has developed. Education includes all the ways in which one person deliberately tries to influence the behavior of another person.

Behavior may include knowledge, skills, habits, values, and attitudes. Formal education includes organized instruction given by teachers in such institution as schools and universities. Informal education involves learning from people and agencies whose primary purpose is something other than organized instruction. These include the family and other social groups, as well as newspapers, television, and movies.

Parents educate children when they teach them to talk, to like and dislike things, and to behave in certain ways. Libraries and museums educate people by providing them with books and information in many fields of knowledge. Churches educate people when they urge them to accept certain beliefs about religion and personal conduct. Governments educate citizens by passing laws that require people not to injure each other and to respect the property of others.

In these and countless other ways, the people of every country learn...