Employee Motivation.

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Tangible and Intangible Rewards.

Since I work with a very dynamic group of people at work and face the challenges of team work everyday, I would discuss about various tangible and intangible rewards that are used or I think should be used at my workplace. I have recently accepted an offer to work as an Communications and Operations Manager at a private school in Plano, Texas. It's a school with less than 50 employees and headed by a principal, who is also the chairman of the school board, and also a former Alcatel engineer.

Our Principal likes to enforce innovative ideas such as empowering the employees, promoting flexibility, encouraging the feeling of ownership and using various forms of online communication tools to discuss and plan activities with the various teams at work.

The advantages of working at a small institutions like this is everyone gets to know each other fairly well; everyone is welcome to bring their spouse to work to volunteer for the school often and are also encouraged to enroll all their children at the school.

The increased friendship, care, and communication have given the company a strongly bonded workforce-a healthy environment, which can be highly motivational and energizing to get the maximum productivity from every employee and give a true meaning to the positive outcomes of groupwork.

I think one of the best rewards that higher management can use and my employer uses is that they empower the best teams. Empowerment is a tool that can be a better motivator and a better reward than monetary means. Empowerment makes work experience all the more worthwhile giving employees a feeling of ownership, confidence and less stress making them more productive.

Monetary incentives have always been a great tool at our institution to reward most productive and most hard-working...