Englands power during the 18th century.

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England during the eighteenth century was the world power. It was the world power due to its very prestigious and hard working society. Also during that time, it was technologically more advanced and was known as the, "workshop of the world." During the Indsutrial Revolution, there was no one to oppose England and nothing was stopping them from advancing at extremly fast rates. As Francis Bacon had said, "Knowledge is power." England indeed took his words and cherished them as they made there machines.

Industrialization had brought a surplus of good things. It brought upon new technology, new thoughts, and increased amount of workers which drove the economy. For some time, England was the power of the world. Although America and France followed with revolutions, Englad had the head start and their revolution started with the steam engine. From the steam engine to other amazing things such as spinning mass amounts of cotton for the world to use.

England had over one-hundred years of industrialization. Other inventions during this time were the horse drawn hoe, the mechanical seeding process, and a new crop rotation system were just some of the new inventions of this revolutionary time period.

However, with all this good, had to have some some negative actions. A large problem was the social stress the revolution put on many people in England. Everybody was doing everything they could to make as much money. Then the population explosion occurred. This too did not help as much as it had hindered England. The putting out system was effective, but soon it was not able to keep up. The demand however, put the putting out system out of buisness.

In conclusion, agriculture, transportation, and overall technology turned the country of England upside-down. It gave the world...