Enveloped by Silence.

Essay by spunkyazn3 September 2005

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Never again will the candlewick burn

And never shall night become day

The darkness has come to rid the world of happiness, laughter and play.

No more dogs to howl at the moon

Just a silence that's not to be broken.

No more children to play on the swings

There's now nothing left to provoke them.

The dead, gnarled tree in the silent field

From which an eagle had watched it's prey

And the bells in the church that once played tunes

Will remain silent for ever and a day.

The flowers in the garden are shrivelled and dry

And the fires in the houses are cold.

The grandfather clock in the hall has stopped

But the clock is brand new, not old.

No flame, no day, no laughter, no play

No dog to howl at the moon.

There's no children to play on the swings anymore

And no eagle to watch and loom.

The bells in the church are quiet and still

And the flowers in the gardens have died.

The fires in the houses are long out cold

And the stopped clock is new, not old.

What happened here will never be known

And the story shall never be told.

The candle flame will never once burn

And laughter shall never be heard.