Downloaded 64 times

The sun rose in the horizon, brightening the whole earth. The wind beat down relentlessly on my face and the warmth feel really superb. It was around 8 in the morning. It was a wonderful day for my escape. I stepped on the board, attached myself with the harness, and set off the coast of Florida, bound for Cuba. The speedboat sped off. The splashes of the waves and the unfathomable sound of the speedboat blended together to form a cacophony. It did not matter at all. Anyway, it will not be long till I will reach Havana, and several henchmen of mine will assist me. I was oblivious to the fact that a few of FBI agents were hot on my heels until I turned back to admire the fabulous and simply breathtaking view. I knew if that the wind dropped, my chance of running away from my heinous crime would be lost.

The memory of the incident vividly flashed in my mind... I handed boxes of machine guns to Braxus' men, then, he passed the briefcase to me. Not long after we shook hands, the cops appeared from the shadows of night. My men fired and fired, while I ran and ran to the rendezvous point, Florida beach. Then, the present once again reappeared. The jet ski behind me hummed as it steadily approached. One of the FBI then took out a sniper rifle, aimed at my head, pulled the trigger, and suddenly...all went pitch dark.