Esperanza Growing up in "The House of Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros

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"The House of Mango Street" is a story written in vignettes, which shows how a girl grows up and how she is maturing. In this story there are some vignettes that specify when she is growing up and that show some of steps that take part as people grow up. The House of Mango Street is a coming of age story where Esperanza, the protagonist, is growing up as the story progresses.

Esperanza is a girl that has is sort of poor but not completely. They have moved from place to place until they settled at a house in Mango Street when she was eight years old. There she starts to grow up and becoming more mature. In a vignette called "hips" she discovers she starts growing hips. Then she with her sister and friend start telling each other why women grow hips. This shows that Esperanza is starting to become a woman.

This is because she is starting to grow hips and that is an important change and sign that a girl is indeed growing up. In addition, she is now aware that she is becoming a woman and is starting to develop. This shows that because she starts telling his two sisters and her friend about her growing hips. This is because she is interested and exited about the fact that she now starts to have hips. Furthermore, they start to discuss and argue about why women have hips. This shows that they as girls are growing up, but the things they argue about still show that they are not so mature but start maturing. This is because they still have childish beliefs about why they grow hips. "Hips" tells us how Esperanza is growing up and they start the maturing process.

Esperanza as we know is...