This essay is about how Victor's creation in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstien" is not the beast that he appears to be.

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Victors Creation

In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", Victor Frankenstein creates a monster. When Victor sees the hideous creature he has made, he abandons it. Throughout the novel we learn that the monster is not as bad as it appears, it actually has human emotions. Although the monsters image invokes fear into anyone he encounters, his generosity, human feelings, and desire for love contradict his image.

Although victor intended for his creation to be beautiful, picking only the best parts. When the creature was given life Victors hopes were crushed. The monster had yellow skin that, "Scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath."(42). Overall the creature was disgusting and hideous, with yellow skin, shriveled complexion, and black lips. Because of his appearance he was treated badly by everyone he met, even Victor, his creator. The creature was even afraid of itself as said in this quote, "But how I was terrified when I viewed myself in a transparent pool."(99).

Overall the monster was so hideous that any display of generosity or even emotion would be a strong contrast to his appearance.

When the monster is narrating his life to Victor he shows many examples where the creature experiences human emotion. The first example comes from when he was first created, "It was dark when I awoke; it felt cold also, and half- frightened, as it were instinctively, finding myself so desolate."(87). This quote shows that ever since the creature was created it felt emotion. Another display of emotion comes when he views himself in a puddle, "When I became fully convinced that I was, in reality, the monster that I am, I was filled with the bitterest sensation of despondence and mortification."(99). This shows that the monster knew not what it was and when it realized it was a...