Essay on whether Energy Conservation be implemented at local level or with International co-op

Essay by jack_David999 June 2006

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It is true that we need to conserve energy to protect the resources for the future generations. In order to conserve energy, we first need to deal with a controversial issue. Whether a nation should, independently, be expected to make all the necessary sacrifices to conserve energy or the issue of Energy conservation be taken up internationally and be implemented under international Leadership. I support the former viewpoint with a few riders attached.

First of all, We need to see the development stage at which the nations implementing the Conservation program are. For example, there are the afro-asian countries which have just started their industrial development, and at the other end of the spectrum there are the highly developed Western countries. I make this point because the energy requirements, not in terms of volume, but in terms of the purpose for which energy is consumed, for these different nations are different.

For instance, the developing countries spend most of their energy in the industrial processes. But the more developed countries might spend a higher proportion of their energy resources in fuelling the privately owned transport vehicles(like Cars, etc.). In such circumstances, it would be difficult to pinpoint by how much a nation could reduce its energy consumption. Alternatively, it might be absolutely impossible for the developing nations to reduce any consumption at all. So, it would be better to leave the implementation of the Conservation program with the individual nations.

Again, different methods of conservation need to be employed depending upon the level of industrial sophistication of the nation. In some countries the capital equipment required for energy efficient processes might render the entire production process uneconomical. Hence. as the implementation is done at the local level, the conservation program could also be successful only if it is successfully adapted...