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Ethical decisions and behavior of managers are those decisions and behavior that are both legal and morally acceptable to employees and other stakeholders. Though an ethical decision does not necessarily lead to an ethical behavior, ethical behavior is preceded by an ethical decision-making. The ethical decision-making is influenced by moral reasoning (Trevino, 1986), intentions and stakes of decision-makers (Ajzen and Fishbein, 1977). Moral intensity is a major factor in influencing the ethical awareness, ethical decision-making and behavior of the employees (Jones, 1991). Every ethical issue can be represented in terms of its moral intensity Moral awareness of the ethical issue is the major step in the decision-making that leads to the ethical choices and behavior. Bounded Personal Ethics Model by Murnighan, et al (2001) suggest that people are influenced both by concern for ethics and self-interest. Lack of awareness of ethical nature of their action can lead to self-interested behavior.

Frequently, the consequences of decisions do have ethical implications, which may not be immediately obvious. Under such conditions, managerial choices may be driven by considerations other than ethics. Once ethical values have been raised to the level of awareness, they will be a significant force in an individual's decision making. Organizations could improve the concern for ethics by increasing moral awareness through interventions such as circulation of code-of ethics. Seminars, talks, conferences and other socialization techniques could enhance the moral awareness and thus the concern for ethics.

The expansion of technology, computers, pagers, cell phones, fax machines and the Internet has resulted in heightened expectations for productivity, speed and efficiency, increasing pressure on the individual worker to constantly operate at peak performance levels. Workers working with heavy machinery are under constant stress to main alert. In this case both the worker and their family members live under constant stress. There...