Euthanasia- Painless Death

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Euthanasia, can you really say you do or don't believe in it? Well, I can, I completely do not believe in Euthanasia, each life from God is a creation that has the right to live until natural death, and this so called painless death, is not natural. Even if you happen to be in serious mental, physical pain or both, God has still placed you on this earth at this time for a certain reason and you shall not be taken away from it until He has decided it to be. As well, those whose lives are weakened or diminished deserve very special respect. Lastly, this act is morally unacceptable and should be considered murder, that's what it really is anyway. As you may see my reasons are based very much on Catholicism, however, even if I was not of the Catholic religion I would still very much feel the same.

Honestly what is the difference between this and murder?

Every human life, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, is sacred and should not be changed, for it has been willed for its own sake in the image and likeness of God. Our creator has a purpose for everyone and every being, even meaning if this person is in a coma, or say is unable to do anything but breath, they still have been put on our planet for one reason or another. That means until God knows he needs them in paradise they must remain on our earth. No matter what your problem is or your loved one's problem is un-natural death is unruly and disgraceful to our race. Euthanasia is at the least manslaughter if not better put it is slaying of another human being whom we love. If you are...