Evaluation of Coca-cola's advertising strategy.

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Evaluate Coca-Cola's Advertising Strategy.

I. Introduction.

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886, and at the end of the century it was making national distribution and brand reputation. Coca-Cola's owners wanted to make it the most famous one. Further, they wanted everyone to drink them anytime, as their advertisements emphasized. To reach this goal, they made use of an attractive advertising and other strategies; finally they created one of the most powerful brands in the history of marketing. Therefore, advertising plays a big role in Coca-Cola's success, which is a typical example to other companies. The basic goal of Coca-Cola's advertising is to make customers think of them when they are thirsty and they will choose Coca-Cola rather than others because only Coke can satisfy their thirst. Another goal is they build a friendly relationship with customer under the trust and defend themselves.

But how does Coca-Cola define the customer? Who are the target customers? The executive suggest that their customers comprise everyone; they are suitable for every class of persons.

Coca-Cola invests 5 millions of dollars per year on advertising, but what does all the money buy? What are their strategies? The answer is they spend so much money on the Coca-Cola's signs; they put all these signs to the public, by the means of television, sponsorship and website.

II. Main Body

1. Advertising goals

A. They want everyone to drink it anytime around the world

The basic goal of Coca-Cola is to ensure that everyone on earth drinks Coca-Cola as their favorite beverage. They make it real; they have occupied the global market through the advertising strategies, such as Africa, Asia, European, Eurasia and mid east etc. As the 2001 annual report of Coca-Cola stressed: "Our leading brands begin with world-class product technology, but its advertising that gets consumers' attention...