An event that changed my life

Essay by passion_fruit May 2006

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In life, I have lost several valuable things and have been unhappy at times. However, nothing can be compared with the sorrow that I came through when I knew that my grandfather, the person I love most in the world, passed away.

As I can still remember very clearly, it was a September morning in my first year in university that received a telegram. I opened it and read the sad news: my grandfather had died the previous day. I was totally shocked and even could not believe my eyes anymore. My whole body shivered "How can that be the truth. Someone must have teased me" I thought. I tried to calm down, took the telegram, read it over and over again with a desperate hope that I had misread it or that the post office had delivered it to the wrong address. Nevertheless, the more I read, the more my doubts were dispelled.

It must be true. I did not know from what time that tears dimmed my eyes. My feet seemed to be rooted to the ground and all my strengths disappeared. A feeling of powerlessness spread out inside my body. Suddenly, all my memories poured out in my mind as if they were happening before my very eyes. I recalled learning the first English lesson with him and the good times we had gone swimming together. I considered him a great friend whom I could tell all my secrets and share all my innermost emotion with. My grandfather also showed great affection for me. He would buy me anything that I asked for. Now, could it be that I would never see him again. At that moment, I realized acutely that he was a precious treasure. It was enormously painful to think that I lost one...