Example of A Small Business Mission Statement

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The Business Assignment

Mission Statement

Company Details

Name: OneDB Pty Ltd

Owner: Mr. Peng Hu

Address: 2303/37 Victor Street, Chatswood 2067

Phone: (02) 9410 1668

Key Outcome: To investigate an established small business in the form of proprietary limited company. Assess the role and importance of key functions in the operation of this firm.

Key Business Functions that I will be investigating in:

* Operations

* Marketing

* Employment Relations

* Finance and management

Following questions will be asked in each of the key business functions:


Operations: involves organising the production of goods and services

* Why is the company located in the heart of Chatswood?

* How many staffs do the company require?

* What kind of machinery is necessary for operation?


Marketing: link between the business and the customers

* What are the consumer's needs and wants?

* How is the company promoting its product or services?

Employment relations

Employment relations: concerns with employment and hiring of the staffs

* What type of staffs is needed? What qualifications or knowledge must they possess?

* What kinds of training are available to the staffs? For example, training courses, technical conferences, user group forum, internet training etc.

* How is the company motivating its staff to actively contribute to the company? For example, month award, staff of the month, annual bonuses for outstanding employees etc.

Finance and management

Finance: responsible for providing capital necessary for operating the business

* Where did the start capital come from? For example, from the director, through loan from Bank or financial institution etc.

* How are the financial resources of the company being used?

* Is any external operations employed to take care of the company's accounting and finance? For example, taxation accountants etc.

* What are the business goals? What...