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To: Robert Redford, Managing Director

From: Svetlana Tasic, Senior Assistant in the Personnel Department

Subject: Assessment of Jeremy Irons

Date: 28th March 2005


This report contains the assessment of the suitability of Jeremy Irons, one of our temporary employees, for a permanent position in the company. The report summarizes his personal qualities, his extra qualifications, and work-related achievements, on the basis of which his suitability depends.

Personal qualities:

Jeremy is a very likeable person who always manages to have a smile on his face, even after eight hours of hard work. For that reason he is very popular amongst the staff. He has proved to be very inventive but at the same time extremely level-headed whenever needed. In addition, he is also very flexible, which he demonstrated on several occasions when adjusting to unfamiliar work procedures. Furthermore, he is extremely dedicated to his work and has often remained at his desk after working hours.

Extra qualities:

Although Jeremy has been with our company for only several months he has shown outstanding success in conducting meetings with foreign clients. Due to his being fluent in French, Spanish and Serbian he was able to leave a very good impression on our potential clients. Moreover, his readiness to use our clients' languages has been highly appreciated and has thus often contributed to a positive outcome of the meetings.

Work-related achievements:

Over the course of the last six months, Jeremy has succeeded in having several optimum contracts signed for our company. Furthermore, he was solely responsible for the working conditions-improvement campaign which took place last month. This was an extremely successful undertaking which has had an excellent outcome without causing additional costs to the company.


I strongly recommend that Jeremy should be considered a serious candidate for a permanent position...