Explain why the stalemate developed on the western front

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When the Schlieffen plan failed the German army ordered to begin to fall back. But after the German army has been chased by the allies they decided to start using defensive plans. The Germans stopped at the river and start making trenches to prevent the allies' progress towards the Germany. The Germans dug in using trenches to stop allies.

Trenches have been a very powerful defensive structures and a direct attack would probably mean a defeat. The German army used cement and even provided their soldiers with electricity. Trenches are also very hard to destroy especially when they are made out of cement. Simply because the technology to defeat the trenches such as bombing were not developed to the level to defeat the trenches. Most people thought that if airplanes would be used against the trenches with their bombs.

Airplanes were literately made out of pieces of wood hold together by a piano string.

Also the bombing process could not be accurate and also the planes themselves were really easy to shoot down. Then allies tried using Tanks because they are very defensive and are almost invulnerable to troops.

Tanks were a very slow their speed was about 3 miles per hour and were not very reliable and had many problems with breakdowns. Tanks also were clumsy and ineffective against trenches. But tanks were very protective and very not effective against troops and cavalry. Normal troops could not defeat the tank easily. After the Germans first used the gas attack and the effect of it was very impressive. Gas was seemed to be a solution to the trench war but the gas itself was very poison and could easily kill the enemy. To use Gas a certain wind speed was needed and also you would have to make sure that...