"Fern Hill" by Dylan Thomas.

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"Fern Hil"l is a double-sided poem.The firs side is the most obvious ,which is simply the story he is telling , the second is more hidden , with a a message behind.I am oging to find th edifferent way in which he tries to convey this message.

In the five stanzas, Dylan Thomas has a different approach towards his childhood in comparaison to the last stanza. We see this due to the different figures of speeches he uses.

In line 15 , "green and golden I was huntsman ...calves sang to my horn " this demonstrates the power childhood gave him.

In line 5, the use of the word 'his' corresponding in realitu to himself, shows that he does not regconise this child's joy and magic as his .This shows that he must have lost this joy, seeing as he does not actually believe that this was once him.

The description of the "tunes fril the chimenyhs" as "watery" shows the harmonious flowing quality of the sounds of his childhood days at Fern Hill.

Although the "fire green as grass" seems a contradiction , because fire is usually red, it is also bright and warm like the grass in his childhood.

In these first five stanzas we can see that the poet is recapitulating on his past illustrasing the joy he felt. The mixes of sense and touch not only show what he saw as a child , but what he felt and sensed , a warmth and safety he lacks as an adult ?

Inspite of all the happiness he shows in the first five stanzas ,the last stanza shows unease and a slight touch of anger. We see this in the unobvious ryhme scheme making an impression of unease and awkwardness.

In the last line...