First Person Rock Concert.

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Being at a rock concert is an awesome experience. There are so many people all having an excellent time. The band that's about to play is getting setup with all the instruments and power chords and such. Backstage there's people talking, drinking, partying and carrying on. When the band plays loud, it pumps up the people and they start a mosh pit. Everyone is just going crazy and having a great party experience.

I walk up to the door and I give the doorman five bucks to get in, he makes a mark on my hand. I walk in and everyone is standing there, talking and waiting for the bands to begin. I walk around and look for people I know and I see my friends; I walk over and talk to them. Then I here things like, "OK. Let's get this started" and "You guys ready for some hardcore rock!?" Everyone screams in approval and agreement.

They begin to play and the mosh pit starts. The people in the pit are pushing and shoving and throwing everyone around. That's hardcore.

I walk outside to cool off and chill. I see people standing outside smoking cigarettes and drinking. I look over and see cops driving by and looking disgusted at the punk rock scene. Oh well, they can deal with it. I walk to my car and grab my skate and head back to the front entrance. I get there and I see more people skating and going crazy. I join them. There are people walking around checking for underage smokers and drinkers. That doesn't stop those kids. They aren't too strict about it anyway. I hand this kid my skate and tell to him skate for awhile. I walk back inside.

I get inside and the first band...