"Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin A Abbott: This report talks about the themes and compares Flantland and their society to our own

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The most prominate theme in Flatland is the treatment of women. The fact that Abbott decided to represent women in Flatland as Lines shows that in his society people refused to see women as multi dimensional. In Flatland women are shown to be incapable of understanding the the education that are given to men. This shows the narrow-mindded attitudes present during Victorian society which disallowed women the educatioal opportunities allowed to men. In the victorian era, men saw this as a way to 'protect' women. What they do not realize is that these actions are detrimental to women and stop them from bettering their lives. This is a fact that the Square comes to realize by the end of flatland. The Square sees that the aspects of his society has been opressing are the very things which should be valued and strengthened.

Another prominate theme is Flatland is the treatment of those which are different.

In Flatland there are a number of unfortunate Flatlanders which are chained to the floores of classrooms. They are kept as objects, with no rights at all, used in lessons plans to be studied by the Flatland studenrs. In Victorian England and it's Rigid societal Structure, their was no tolerance for those who were different. This includes those who looked abnormal and acted abnormal. Just like in Flatland, these individuals had nor rights and were placed on display in galleries to be observedas objects.

Abbott was one of the first to recognize the implications of a "two cultures" society. The men in Flattand epitomize the rational, emphasizing the importance of that which can be measured empirically and described in precise scientific language.

Qualitative properties not susceptible to such quantification are relegated to the world of women, who have an absolute corner on not...